Free Will

Millions of people die everyday without a will. There are so many cases where families who have lost a loved one along with the house, cars & other personal belongings to the government as a result of overdue taxes.

If you don’t have a will then you don’t have a chosen administrator that will take charge of how your estate will be rationed off. It will be then up to the state or province that you reside in to make all of the necessary decisions as to who will receive your assets & how your taxes will be paid.

Your property & other assets may then go to people that you may not want to be your beneficiaries. Sometimes the situation may even have to be settled by the courts to decide who will get what. Your loved ones who you may want everything to go to may not receive anything at all.

If your children are under 18 & your spouse passes on with you, who will be the one that decides who will take care of your children? Having a will in place will allow you to appoint an executor who will decide what happens to your estate & who looks after your kids as you desired.

Most people take very good care of their affairs while their alive but leave a mess of things after they die. There is absolutely no reason to not have a will. You can even get a free will kit.

Most say that they will get around to it but never do. If you really love your family then make sure that they are protected when it is your time to go.