5 Easy Sources of Free Traffic

As the title of this article says i am going to show you 5 simple ways to get some free traffic rolling in. It is not hard to do and if done correctly should see you having traffic within a week.

Traffic is the lifesource of any online business so without it you are not going to earn any money. Okay lets get into it.

Method Number One – Classified Ads. Posting to classified ad websites is extremely easy and well worth the time spent on it. Classified ad sites get millions of visitors each month. Just do a simple search on Google and you will see how many different sites there are. Just choose which one is right for you and get posting your ads.

Method Number Two – Forum Posting. This can be an excellent  source  of free traffic to any website. It does not matter what niche you are in do a search on Google for your keyword + forum and there will definitely be results. Now be sure to read the guidelines for each forum but they allow you to have a signature box at the bottom of each post. Just put your link in there and participate in the forums and you will surely get a bunch of free traffic to your sites.

Method Number Three – Article Writing. As you can obviously tell i am using this quite regularly. Article writing can be very rewarding if done correctly. Basically you want to write 250-350 word articles and then submit them to directories for approval. Be sure to strictly follow the rules and guidelines so your articles get published. The traffic comes from your resource box below the article.

Method Number Four – Blog Commenting. This can give you ridiculous amounts of traffic if done correctly. Basically what you want to do is go to Google and search for blogs that are in your niche. Then when you find some post a comment on their blog. Make sure though you actually read their blog and make a thoughtful comment otherwise they will just delete it. Then just add your link in below your comment. Easy hey.

And Finally Method Number Five – SEO. Now this can be a very difficult task for some people which is understandable. But if done correctly and you get your website on first page of Google for your keyword you are on your way to millions. The main points of seo are to make sure your keyword is in your domain and heading as well as spaced out through your site. Then start backlink building. There is some excellent software to help you build backlinks you just have to look around. One common misconception about building backlinks is that they have to be relevant to your site. I personally know this is hogwash because i have several sites on top. Just do your research and you will be fine.

So in conclusion there is five different ways to get free traffic to your site. Do all five of these and you will surely have some success. Just remember without traffic you have nothing.