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Veterans Suffering from Mental Health Issues Need to Seek Professional Help

When soldiers leave their country for the war, being emotionally healthy and physically fit is required in order to do their job well. After returning from the war, they are confronted with various health issues. These veterans are dealing Traumatic Brain Injuries and Prolonged Grief Disorder. They could experience some eruptive behavior and this may include unwanted memories, poor sleep, withdrawal from family and friends, and have higher rates of alcohol and drug disorder. Amputation and spinal cord injuries are examples of physical disabilities they may get after the war. Emotional reactions usually include feeling of sadness, empty, overwhelmed, and guilt. In addition, behavioral reactions include not wanting to talk, sleep disturbances, as well as feeling disconnected from surroundings. Furthermore, spiritual reactions include abandoned faith, uninterested about their future, feeling of abandonment, and loss of purpose. It is a fact that it is not easy for the returning veterans to adjust their lives after the war, and the additional troubles these symptoms bring can drain their psyches even more, and that is when problem usually come in. This then caused a new awareness with regards to the need to execute effective treatments for these war veterans.

Some of the war veterans take prescription medicines without medical supervision and think about ending their lives. There are several war veterans who loss their sense of purpose in life and experience hopelessness. For many of them, the sysmptoms of PTSD create a conflict between them and their friends and families. Moreover, a lot of veterans who suffer from PTSD refuse to get professional help is because they do not want to remember bad memories from the war, getting pessimistic about getting support from others, and they prefer to do it themselves and stop relying to other people. Some of them find it difficult to share traumatic events with those who never experience combat, so they often feel reserved. Every month, the VA’s suicide hotline have approximately 10,000 calls. Every month, there are 850 suicide attempts by the veterans in the receiving care while 18 veterans die from suicide every day. Even though the condition seems despairing, treatment options like CBT or medications are always available for them.

It is very important for those returning war veterans to gain access to health care. You can actually find a lot of organizations and groups who provide holistic help to these war veterans when they return from the war. Some of these organization offer not only both physical and psychological needs but spiritual needs too. These organizations and groups exist in order to help not just veterans but also their respective families so as to reinvigorate their hope and sense of purpose in life.

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