The Sky As the Source of Free Energy

The concept of free energy is rapidly gaining popularity today. The increased popularity has mostly been due to the rising cost of normal electrical power and people wanting a more affordable way to power their households. Even though this concept was there over 100 years ago it did not gain much publicity until recently.

Free energy is energy that can be harnessed from our atmosphere and surroundings and then converted into usable electrical power. The harnessing is done by using various devices. One of the earliest devices was built in 1899 by Nicola Tesla at Shoreham in Long Island. This device, called a magnifying transmitter had the ability to convert radiant energy in the atmosphere to electrical power. However various political factors prevented the technology from being made public. A similar attempt was made later on by Dr. Thomas Moray but then again his technology was not given a chance to flourish. In recent years however, various free energy enthusiasts have come up with modern devices that can efficiently harness the surroundings and produce considerable amounts of electrical power. Unlike previous devices, these new machines have been made public and are even being used in households worldwide.

There are various  sources  of free energy. The biggest benefit of getting energy from these  sources  is that they will always provide energy unlike other  sources  such as fuel. The biggest  source  is of course the sun which is the closest star to the earth. The sun provides radiant energy which can be easily converted to electrical power. Other stars also give off cosmic rays that are also useful in the production of electricity.

Another benefit of free energy is that it is green. By green, it means that this energy does not pollute the environment. Furthermore, the processes of converting this energy into electricity are environmentally friendly. It is possible to install various free energy devices in your home with the help of an expert. These devices can go a long way onto reducing and probably fully eliminating power costs. The only costs that you have to bear are the installation and maintenance costs. If you are still unsure about this, maybe the success story of Dr. Nakamat will inspire you. Dr. Nakamat’s house, which has over 30 guest rooms, makes use of free energy to generate electricity. The electricity generated is so much that it is enough for the house and also sell to the Tokyo electrical power company.